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Fathers Day

It is true that one of your best friends should be a butcher. It was worth the $40 and better than my Knize 10 AS, Castle Forbes SC and 2nd Le Grelot I received hands down! Mine is on top but my wife isn't much of a steak person so she picked a Choice cut strip on the bottom.
I had steak too!

Fellow Arizonan wants to know about the butcher. Who?

AJ's in Mesa at Val Vista and the 60. I'll get the name from my wife but they are all real nice at that location and an older woman there really knows her way around the grill and gives great advice. Sundays are suppose to be the best times to get the best selections is what I've heard.

I wish I would have taken a picture of both cuts. My Prime cut had a gorgeous crust from age and marbleized was great.
Also cooking two different grades of the same cut is pretty interesting. Everything was the same prep work and seasoning with sea salt and black pepper but the way the initial crusting in high heat varied greatly and I had to keep a close eye on the grill.
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