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Fatboy user error

Posted a few days ago that I picked up Fatboy and cleaned it up. Decided today that I was going to use it. I put in the blade and set it on 6. The phone rang and about a half hour later returned. I lathered up and started to shave.
I just couldn't believe how aggressive it was . I have used !my slim on 5 and this was way way beyond that. I took it real slow and had to be so careful to keep the angle very shallow.
When I was done I had a great close shave. I rinsed the Fatboy off and looked at the blade and just couldn't believe the blade gap. This wasn't right so I went to open the TTO and noticed it was loose, actually at least a full turn loose. I can't believe I didn't kill myself.
Lesson to all, don't get sloppy and lazy. RESPECT THE BLADE.
I'm still in the market for my first TTO. Is it common for them to loosen up like that? Still working on my technique, so that could be dangerous.
It didn't loosen up, in my confusion I failed to tighten it. We are often advised to loosen the head before adjusting it, and that is what I did. My failure was not tightening it back up.
I have never had one loosen on thier own and the Fatboy actually has a 1/4 turn lock down.
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