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Fatboy/Slim: Which to Tune Up and Replate?


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Sir, in your shoes I'd have them both replated in their original Nickel finish. They would just look brand new, exactly as they were when they left the Gillette factory many years ago.
I just cannot resist posting this video to a thread called "Fatboy/Slim"...

The fact that this little ditty is called "Weapon of Choice" makes it even
more amusing and Christopher Walken has a nice shave going.

After watching the video I understand why you couldn't resist posting it! That's great!
IMHO, as others have stated, unless they are sentimental razors, I'd forego replating. Being cheap, I'd also forego sending them for a tune up and fix them yourself, there are plenty of threads on B&B and YouTube explaining how to tweak them back to spec as well as the gap specs. The Slim looks like the base plate has been bent down on the right side of the picture--a butter knife inserted into the bottom of the guard slot on that side and leveraged against the adjustment plate and then gently nudged upwards will bring it back into spec and you can check the gap with a feeler gauge. A small bottle of Flitz, soft rag and elbow grease will bring out the shine and a little testors black applied w/toothpick and wiped away (then dry/set the paint w/a hair dryer). I recommend trying to fix/adjust them yourself and send them out for a tuneup only if you can't "dial them in" yourself because these razors aren't museum pieces and cost less than $2.00 in 1950s dollars to start with.

I say that because Slims and Fat Boys aren't rare--when I first began collecting, I searched for months, and finally found and over payed for two Fat Boys ($40 each). After that, the floodgates opened and I began finding them in the wild in as good or better condition for under $10. The last Fat Boy I picked up was a D3 in the case for $6.00--and all it needed was a clean, shine and tweak to adjust the gap. Now I'm picky, and unless it was a birth year razor, I wouldn't consider paying more than $15 for a Slim. It's all perspective, and as always, it's your razor to do with as you wish.
I have a Slim in very good shape that is my birth year/quarter razor. I never use it. I just got my Fatboy replated by Back Roads Gold (it's supposed to be here Monday). I use the Fatboy quite a lot and it had some missing plating so I finally sent it in. I just prefer the Fatboy. I think you made a wise deceision getting both of them tuned up. You can decide which you like the best and then get it replated if you so desire.
I just cannot resist posting this video to a thread called "Fatboy/Slim"...

The fact that this little ditty is called "Weapon of Choice" makes it even
more amusing and Christopher Walken has a nice shave going.

I came to this post to ask if it was about Norman Quentin Cook.. AKA Fatboy Slim.

I see I was beaten to the punch.. line. Glad I’m not the only one who’s weird brain went there despite knowledge of the what the thread truly was about!


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Well thanks to everyone’s help here I believe the decision has been made! I’m really leaning towards sending them both in to Back Roads Gold for a tune up and polish. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d like the Gillette adjustables after using 3 piece razors, but I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Fatboy a couple of times and they’re beautiful pieces of engineering. Can’t wait to get them both tuned up and added to the rotation. I appreciate all the input I’ve received!
Well, did you get them back yet?
I recently purchased several old Gillettes which included 4 Fat Boys, (gave one away recently,) and 5 Slims. I've gravitated towards using the one Fat Boy with the blade adjusting plate and selector dial that's still a little gummed up. A couple of the others are much cleaner and work flawlessly, but I like this one for some reason. (First place in the talent contest, second place in the swim suit competition?)

I won't knock anyone for wanting to do a full restoration on an old razor. It's your money, spend it on what you want. I'm considering sending the Fat Boy up to Back Roads Gold for a spa treatment; just a mechanical tune-up and cleaning, no painting or polishing.
I like shiney stuff. I've got several nice razors with original finish, but don't want to wear out the lacquer finish on them, so they see use mostly on weekends or special occasions.
For daily use, I've gotten several old, beat, corroded and worn razors really ¢heap. They shaved well, but were ugly, dirty-looking and the original finish was long gone.
Sure, shiney doesn't shave any better, but they definitely look stunning on the shave lab countertop.

L to R: Gillette Milord, Prewar Fat Handle, Aristocrat Adjustable.
Chris at Backroads Gold did flawless work on these to bring them back to their former glory.

The #160 Goodwill looked to have been buried with Grandpa, then dug up decades later. It had a cracked common bar handle, and a lot of crud & corrosion. I put a replica Ball end handle on it, then sent it out to replate. It is a temperamental and finiky razor that I'm currently using to evaluate various Carbon steel blades to emulate shaving with vintage blades. I like how well it shaves with Treet Classic and Black Beauty blades.
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I wish I could have something constructive to say, but they both look great and you can’t go wrong whatever direction you go. 😉
My “Fatboy” is in far more worn condition than yours and I love using the hell out of it every morning. 😁
I totally understand wanting to refresh them, but that slim definitely looks nice enough to leave as-is from what I can see. 😊
Well, I’ve sold the Fatboy and kept the slim as I prefer the shave the slim gives. I’m still debating on getting it replated and if I do I’ll probably go with palladium.
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