FatBoy or Slim

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Fat Boy or Slim?

  1. Fat Boy

    39 vote(s)
  2. Slim

    33 vote(s)
  3. I like both equally

    21 vote(s)
  4. I don't like either one

    5 vote(s)
    I have 2 Fatboys. No slim. I voted for the Fatboy just because its my favorite of my 17 other razors. I do have a 6S on its way though and I'm pondering a Mamba 70 or a Karve.
  1. I prefer a slim to a Fatboy, but I still like the Fatboy. I prefer the Black Beauty over both the Slim and Fatboy. I guess that means I like any vintage Gillette adjustable. I have three Black Beauties, two Slims and one Fatboy. I still take the Fatboy for a spin occasionally.
  2. Only adjustable I have ever used is my Slim. When I got a second one I gave one of them to my Dad.
  3. Dragonsbeard

    Dragonsbeard Contributor

    I personally prefer my Fatboy over my slim and it's all about the way if feels in my hand and not about which is the more efficient of the two as I find them both pretty much the same. I recently did a Shave Off with the two as I had never done a side by side and my feelings about them didn't change. Still prefer the Fatboy but like the Slim also. Neither are leaving my den.
  4. Ive tried both, sold both....but between the two, preferred Fatboy...it just
    felt right in the hand and was smoother to shave with.
  5. 9F76369C-64CF-4A36-9487-50AA81227E7D.jpeg 9D99AD77-33E2-4FE4-9824-86BD77016F30.jpeg I have this Fat Boy and three SLIMs. Chris replated my 1964 SLIM, and it looks brand new. One of my SLIMs is new old stock with case that I probably paid too much for, but exuberance got the best of me.

    I found this Fat Boy for $10 at an antique store and sent it to North Shore Razors. I don’t shave with these that often, but they are iconic to me. I like them both, but I find the SLIM a bit easier to use.
  6. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    I voted for FB. The FB was the first razor I bought new. It just feels a bit better to me. However, they are close in performance.
  7. Slim.
    Fatboys are just Slims having an allergic reaction.
  8. Slim, because a Fatboy isn't in the budget till the kids are out of college, and I don't want that to bother me.
  9. I voted for Slim because I have one and for the price, but I just found a Fatboy at a good price.
    This forum is a bad influence... It makes me buy things, it's not my fault! Lol
  10. Beautiful Blue Boy!
  11. I voted for both. In the past I have used my Slim more often than my Fatboy, but recently I found a near mint Executive (Gold Fatboy) and I have been using it since. And I like it. For me its a tie.
  12. I have a 61 Fat-Boy, two '62 Slim's, and a NDC Super Adjustable (Black tray). The Fat-Boy shaves the smoothest or most comfortable, the Slim a tad less smooth, but more efficient (note, blade gaps are +1 setting vs FB), and the Super a bit less smooth yet, and 1 setting higher in gap than a Slim, yet the most efficient even compensating for setting.

    My favorite is the Fat-Boy, nice heft, thicker handle, and I prefer the angle a bit more.
  13. One on left is all Delta Echo, sent Jay a template that he followed perfectly. The one on the left is based on the gold SA color scheme. The one on the right is a collaboration between Jay and Chris Evatt. That one is based on the color scheme of the black bottom dial Fatboy.

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  14. Choices!!! I have a Fatboy than was my dads. Nice shave. Bought a couple Slim’s at good prices and find them just a bit better for me. Will keep, and use, them both.
  15. This darn thread got me excited.........Just cost me some money. Now I really need to sell some of my collection.....Bought the below, a 1960 supposedly NOS. Also, a $30 1954 Superspeed that looked in nice condition. I'm probably one of the guys that get over excited and pay too much. I already have merkur, razorrock, Karve which I all love. I guess this will be my show piece.

  16. Not NOS I'm afraid but what I would call mint condition. I've only ever seen a handful of true NOS Fatboys still in blister packaging.
  17. Good point. I hope for mint / like new for my purposes.

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