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Fatboy February 2017

I just got a Fatboy, so I'll get in on this. I haven't used it yet, but will test my restraint, and will wait for Feb 1st to give it a try! This is my first vintage Gillette and looking forward to dialing in the right setting and blade.

$unnamed (1).jpg
I'm ready. It may not be that pretty, but it's in great shape mechanically. I sold my Fatboy last April and wasn't planning on participating this year. Then I saw this one on Ebay at a great buy it now deal and couldn't resist.
I'm already cheating by shaving with my E4 Fatboy and Astra SP before Feb 1 :)

I got called into work very early this morning to resolve an issue. Fortunately the resolution only took about 1.5 hours of my time (plus the 45 minute commute one way).

Working on ~4.5 hours sleep, I made the decision to go with a one-pass plus touch up before driving in. Honestly it was a great shave and I'll be curious how it holds up as the day wears on.

I've used the Astra SP in the past but not long enough to really get a good feel for it. This morning I was impressed by the difference between it and my go-to's GSB and 7 o'clock green. They feel sharper than the Astra, but sometimes a blade that is "too sharp" won't wear as well in the long haul. It was a smooth shave and one I could live with easily.
Well the Gillette FatBoy Executive is not going to play, as my son dropped it in the sink and now the head is lose on the handle. I have stripped it down to see if I can tighten it up, and the good news is it don't look bent. Or my son of 17 would be out of pocket

on the last picture the centre where your tto bar goes down is the problem
But did you do the most important thing?! You know, the part where you make him feel EXTREMELY guilty for damaging one of your prized possessions?


Slays On Fleek - For Rizz
Dude, that is terrible. I can't wait till my kids break one of mine. I'm gonna have to repeat "they are only possessions" over and over again.

Hope you get it fixed, brother!
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