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Fatboy - Case for storage

Hey all!

Ive just won a Fatboy on Ebay. I really like the case I have my Merkur HD in. Really handy with the blade storage!

Anyone know of any cases like this that would fit a fatboy in?

Maybe you can pick up an original case for your Fatboy?


Start out with a soap case for travel. That ought to be good enough for safekeeping. If you want to get fancy, buy some packing foam and cut it out so that the razor fits snugly into it, and glue it into the case.
The Feather Popular and the Russian "Ideal" (Super Adjustable clone) come in plastic boxes where the Fatboy fits in. These options cost a but more than the Merkur box you linked to, but you get a razor with those boxes. The Fatboy does not fit in the Weishi box though.
Well, it seems the Razor gods were on my side!

The seller of the Fatboy I originally won, refunded my payment and asked for it to be transferred to another account. I declined as it seemed a bit weird.

Then I got a second chance e-mail about a Fatboy I bid on which turns out has the box! Still ended up paying more though. Oh well...

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