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Fat handle Gillette Tech w/case on the way!

Adding to my vintage Gillette razor collection. I just bought this pretty decent looking fat handle Gillette Tech razor w/case this morning off of eBay after looking at it for a few days. :thumbsup:

Photos from eBay.

Gold Tech razor 1.jpg

Gold Tech razor 2.jpg

Gold Tech razor 3.jpg

Gold Tech razor 4.jpg
I have one like that. Mine is a pre-war model w triangular slots. I like it but my post-war ball-handle shaves better.

I like my post war ball handled ones too. I don't think this one is pre-war. I am thinking 1940's maybe. I won't know until it arrives, and I can inspect it. I sent a message to the seller asking for photos of the razor disassembled and got no reply. I went ahead and made an offer for it anyway and the seller accepted. I just don't have a fat handled Tech in my collection and it was only $20/plus shipping.
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