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Hi all,
I found a bunch of razors at a thrift store on Saturday. They were in a box in the front counter under a bunch of stuff and I was lucky enough to see the head of a TTO DE picking through all the mess. The lady didn't even know they were there. Anyway, most were in pretty bad shape; dirty, rusty, a couple even had the blades still in them. I know one of the blades was a gillette blue.
Since I'm still new at this, I couldn't identify most of them. One was gold with an open comb which I didn't examine well or check for markings since I don't like gold/gold coloured objects so I wouldn't consider buying it for myself. Another was a 3 piece with no markings on it. There was one with a cream plastic handle. The rest were Gillettes.
One looked like it was made of aluminum and had the bottom painted blue. There were a couple of screw tops, similar to the Merkur classic. There were a couple more that were TTO but not adjustble, one of which was in pretty decent shape.
I did recognize a Fat Boy and a Slim handle adjustable.
The Slim handle had a little rust and white stuff (calcium/lime?)inside and under the head.
The Fat Boy, which is the one that caught my eye and was interested in buying, had a lot of rust. Regardless, I was still going to buy it ($10.00 asking price, talked down to $8.00) when on further inspection, I noticed that the silo doors didn't open very smoothly, compared to the Slim. One of the doors opened almost all the way before the 2nd door even moved. Also the head seemed to tilt a little to one side. Now, I don't think this is normal right? or am I wrong. If it is damaged, is it something that could be easily fixed, or even worth the try?

I now regret not getting the Slim handle. I'm going back on Tuesday to get it(also $10.00). The TTO mechanism seemed to be working well, and I'm sure removing the rust and other stuff shouldn't be to difficult. Anyone have any suggestions for the best way to clean it?

Also, if anyone can recognize the other razors by my vague description I would welcome the input.
Sounds like the fatboy is in pretty bad shape. It's hard to tell whether or not it would be repairable. If the head is out of alignment it would follow that the blade would also be misaligned resulting in a compromised shaving experience. The slim may be the best bet. From your description it sounds like non-adjustable TTOs may be SuperSpeeds. The twist on handles may be Techs. It's hard to tell without seeing pictures. Maybe you could make a reasonable offer for the whole collection. I did this recently at an antique shop and got four usable Gillettes (two Techs, an open comb, and a SuperSpeed) for $15.
Bring your camera with you, or as suggested buy them all, clean them up and flip em. They are not making any new ones so its a shame if they get tossed out.
Save the razors!
The fatboy needs to be rescued!!!! It could be just dirty too. If it the silo doors close completely & are tight & even, then it could just old soap scum, whiskers, dirt, rust, etc keeping it from opening fully. I've had some from antique stores like that before. :wink:
The large hollow handle of the fatboy can get filled with petrified shaving cream that's like concrete.

Yeah, I had a Fatboy that seemed reluctant when I first got it. Just boil 'em or let 'em soak in a mild cleaning solution. Mineral oil after that, and it might loosen up. :smile:
I went back to that store and purchased the Slim for $7. After some cleaning with a toothbrush and soap, soaking in CLR and finnishing off with some WD40 it looks pretty good. The date code is L4, so I guess that would make it a '66 model.

The Fat Boy was a D ('58 model) but couldn't tell the number b/c there was too much crud on it.
I didn't buy it because the head looked too bent, and the door was misaligned.
Too bad, I would've preferred it to the Slim. Still, I think I got a good deal.
I think for now I'm done buying razors, unless I come across a "Sticky" or something that is too good to pass.

Here's my new toy:



Antique Hoosier

You did a fine job scrubbing that Slim Adjustable up! You did very well to procure such a nice razor for that price. Certainly let us know how your shaving experience is with it!

I have a slim and a fatboy and I use the slim more. The longer handle makes it easier for me to maneuver it around my goatee. But it's nice to have both for variety. Like soaps & creams.

Enjoy it, and get more.

Just my opinion but I would reboil it to remove the WD40. Then soak it in mineral oil.

The Fatboy probably just needed to be cleaned. At $7 you should take the chance on it. Cleaned up they are $30+ on ebay so you could always sell it if it isn't up to your standards.
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