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Fassbinder and Co. Solingen (F&Co.)

To document a bit more on the history of the Solingen based company i thought i should start a seperate thread to keep the information strictly together here.

After the Member from SRP Thomas aka Bart Ab posted more information on the shortcut F&Co. Which sold the F&Co. Goldfisch Wetzstein and F&Co. Thuringian Stones i wanted further more research on the company....

Here is the origin post where the Information of Thomas was posted:

got a new thuringian.

I did contact several of archives and tried to get more information, what i could research was the following:

The Company Fassbinder &Co., Solingen was founded in 1906, from W. Fassbinder and C. Conscience.

Only three years later Mr. W. Fassbinder left the company as managing director.

Firstly in the year 1968 there was another change and H. Conscience took over the managing director function. In 1982 L. Concience was reported as a managing director.

The company was deleted or better said closed in 1994....

more research
I wanted to get more personal Information and i wanted this information as accurate and correct as possible.

Last wednesday i had the chance to ask the questions i wanted to ask on specific F&Co. topics and i was really lucky to ask a person from the familiy directly. It was more like a really long phone call (around 45 min.) i didnt prepared any Questions in detail but i already had in my mind which questions i wanted to ask. The questions were answered from one of the last managers from this family based company.

What about the Goldfisch Wetzstein?
These stones were imported from F&Co. From Belgium. I was told that they had the chance to visit the Quarries from Burton Rox and that these stones have been imported from there...

Does F&Co. means Fassbinder & Concience or ist it meant as Fassbinder & Co.?
My idea was that it might have not only the company form (Fassbinder & Compagnie) which could have been mentioned with the shortcut. I was corrected that this is not the case.

FASO Water Razor Hone ?
The ones who know me and wrote with me know that i was always intetested in the FASO Water Razor Hone topic. I got several time the reference that it has a deeper meaning and SO stands for Solingen. After the revealing from Thomas i came up with the idea that FASO could stand for

FAssbinder & Co., SOlingen

I asked about the FASO Stone and was directly told that they sold the stone. This also fits to the findings i made from my labelled Herbertz Stone. Herbertz sold different types of stones during a longer period under the same Article number....i got further more detailled information about the origin of the FASO stones. But thats a seperate topic i will further more research and report back here.

What i can tell till now that these stones do not have their Origin in the Thuringian Region around Sonneberg. I mean here explicit only the FASO stones and not the Thuringian Stones which also have been sold from F&Co. Before the Worldwar 2.

Why have the thuringian Stones sold only to a certain time ?
We talked about the Thuringian Water stones which were also sold by F&Co. probably since the beginning of the business, i didnt asked in detail here.

What i was told is, that these stones have only been sold to a certain timeframe. This was since the founding of the company until shortly before WW2. After the WW2 it was impossible the further more order these stones. Actually i heard two theories which iam unsure which one is correct or if both variants are correct. First the conditions within the coldwar and the Iron Curtain was mentioned it was impossible to import the stones. Second it was mentioned that the quarries have been exhausted....

Was there a Catalog of products?
Yes they had a type of a catalogue for the products they sold.

Which other stones have been imported?
After they couldnt get hold on thuringian Stones any more, Belgian Stones and Arkansas Stones have been imported

so these are the informations i wanted to share till now, i will have another talk back with my counterpart and probably further more precise some of the questions. So if any other questions might be from interest please add these here and i will try to ask those....

I will add the reference to this thread in The FASO threads and Goldfisch Wetzstein Threads on the boards to link the Information together...
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