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farangzookzon's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

Please allow me to introduce myself:


What is your real name?

What are your nicknames/aliases?

Where do you live?
Arlington, Virginia

What is your age (or) generation?

What are you in the real world?
Federal Government

What is your favorite shave setup?
As I am pretty new to this my experience has been limited to the few products I have started out with. Thus far I am very partial to the Truefitt and Hill West Indian lime setup. For me personally it is so clean and refreshing and I actually get pumped up to shave in the morning. Most guys myself included dreaded just getting up to get ready for work (s*@!, shower and shave) but no more, I actually look very forward to this experience and I am sure the majority of you feel the same way as I do. I am also currently using a few of the T & H hair products (thickening shampoo, pomade, C.A.R. lotion) and will be writing about them in the next day or two. Forgot to mention I am currently using a Progress razor and a T & H Regency brush. I should be receiving a few Gillette vintange razor blades in the next few days as I recently won them on an EBay auction. So far I love the Progress and hopefully I will feel the same about the Gillettes!

What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
Some of my favorite hobbies are very basic like reading and researching on the web and just spending time with my family. If I was to choose the one hobby I really enjoy by myself it would be fishing. I just wish I had more time to do it. I spent the better part of the summer of 2005 at Cape Cod and I really relished being able to drive 10 minutes to a local beach just to fish for strippers and blues!

What else should the members of B&B know about you?
I am married to a beautiful Thai woman and we have a gorgeous 2 year old daughter. Oh, some members might be wondering what farangzookzon means, it is the Thai way of saying "naughty foreigner" which my wife just loves to call me!


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