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Fantasies, imaginations and delusions during shave

Most of the time I'm shaving with a straight. I can't think about anything except the razor edge, the angle, and the pressure or there will be blood.
My most recent fantasy was hoping they'd extend the week to 9 days instead of 7. That way I could have a 7 day shave week instead of 5. SWMBO likes a shave free weekend.
Mainly I just groove along, shaving, not thinking. After all, I have been doing this DE shave routine for 60 years (!). But sometimes I pay attention, and sort of narrate the shave moves I am making. Silently, to myself, of course; I'm not nuts. It's sort of like I am delivering a soundless lecture to a young shaver about lather, tug, sound, aroma--everything in my 2+pass shave. Then I shut up and tend to my real day.
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