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Fantasies, imaginations and delusions during shave

What are your fantasies, imaginations and delusions during shave? Does your mind create scenarios? Do you escape reality? Let us hear what crazy things are on your mind while you shave!

There is one thing that happens often for me: while I have never made any shave video I often imagine I am doing a shave video and I do things exactly as I would do if it was recorded. Like showing the tiny blob of shaving cream on the brush before building an impressive lather on my face.
I fantasize being a guru wet shaver, stropping a straight razor with lightning speed, whipping up thick, slick lather, shaving the neck and chin with confidence and precision, obtaining BBS results with a SINGLE pass, then applying alcohol to the face without even a wince… like a boss! Then I nick myself with my safety razor and burn with just witch hazel… and reality sets back in.
Absolutely nothing is on my mind when I shave other than shaving. That’s why I find wetshaving so relaxing. All my stress disappears for 15-20min while all I think about is getting a good shave.
I find it really relaxing and all my worries and troubles just disappear while I pay close attention to what I'm doing. My wife even says sometimes I seem so relaxed after I've had a good shave. Expensive therapy but I couldn't do with it now :thumbup:

I am in with these two, depending on the day! Unlike @BigJ, if I am focusing on anything other than the shave, I get nicked, or worse! Even talking can distract me, so doing a video is out of the question, ha ha!
guilty, your honor!
i'll often fantasize while shaving!!

Hmm, not sure that I fantasize or imagine much during shaving. I enjoy focusing on the shave and just enjoying the 15-20 minutes I have to myself.

For morning shaves, I typically pair it with a big cup of coffee and shave in the quiet or quietly listen to the news/radio. I'm the first one up in the mornings, so I enjoy the peace and quiet before chaos ensues. Sometimes I think about my day at work, but not always.

For evening shaves, I typically grab my ipad and listen to some tunes or a podcast. Just enjoy the evening routine and sometimes think about what's on the agenda for the next day. I occasionally enjoy the evening shave with a dram if I'm in the mood.
Like @Hannah's Dad , I use shave time to let go of things I have no control over - people, events - things that have fear and anxiety in them. Years back, a close friend and mentor asked me to use a double-edge razor so that I had to look at myself in the mirror, and during that time ask myself "What kind of man are you going to be today?" In most days, the answer is parallel to the question, "How am I going to treat other people today?" and "what is going to consume my time today?"

The daily practice of looking myself in the eye has helped me to accept myself "as-is" and work with what I have. As a logical extension, this self-appraisal naturally precludes fantasy of any sort, else it is cheap and demeaning and not an honest acceptance of self.

I also view the daily practice of shaving as a "type" of walking in fellowship with God and man. I can only address what's there today. I can't shave next week's whiskers now; they'll be there when next week arrives. Today's issues that I deal with are exclusive to today; tomorrow will bring its own issues, but I can do nothing about it today.
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