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Fall Brush - Finest Fan - liquid pumpkin

Inspiration from one of @It's Hedley Simpson’s brushes in “liquid gold” I lusted after. Beautiful handle he had. I cannot find that exact material but found similar in several colors. Cut this piece off first and used a new mandrel, so experimentation all around. Came out pretty decent and certainly has a fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving feel to it. The orange is pearlescent with some gold and gives nice flash and color change as you turn it in your hand. Mostly prefer bulb knots but had some fans sitting here and this one looked right to me of the lot. Feels really nice in hand.

More to come.

E758DB82-803C-41C1-A0D8-47177F66120C.jpeg A6E139ED-955E-469B-ADD8-BF9673E65A14.jpeg FCC6E251-3793-4E36-9C56-8CC0F121A99E.jpeg 5CF8A28E-2363-42F5-8D20-DB9A41D85901.jpeg 7D11AF8F-38A0-4440-802E-D9B0B393FC88.jpeg 17215892-C755-41D2-9506-2FA152B1CA2A.jpeg B9C01446-2055-4924-8954-61E019AF3517.jpeg
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