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'Fall Back': It's Daylight Savings Time ;-)

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Dear Members:
In my humble opinion...Fall is the most beautiful time of the year.

And it's that time again...so please don't forget to set your clocks / watches '1hr back' before you 'turn-in' tonight
(3 Nov 18...one hour extra sleep...Yeah Baby), night or you might find yourself 1hr early for work in the morning.

Most of your computers and cell phones will change their clocks automatically. However, you'll probably have to manuamally re-set items such as your microwave, clock in your vehicle, (oven, security alarm, etc...), and sprinkler system just to name a few.

Also, don't forget to put new batteries in your smoke, fire, gas and/or carbon monoxide detectors too.

"We pay back the loan of an extra yawn in spring with the 'golden interest' of a lengthier snooze in the [fall]". Sir Winston Churchill

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All the clocks are set and I’m looking forward to that extra hour of sleep.

Btw, DST is really not needed IMHO.
Well it damp a d raining here in Worcestershire UK with all the leaves of the trees its a bloody mess. Not pretty at all. So enjoy you autum views while you can guys.


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Thanks for the reminder, OP!

There's still one clock left to set. It's mocking me as I sit here and type. I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time at all. I'm one of those wackos that enjoy daylight in the morning and darkness at night, not the other way around.

The so-called "extra hour of sleep" is like calling your tax refund a "windfall." I'm not getting back anything more than I paid in, and I would rather not have paid it in the first place.

If you like DST, then you don't have kids, don't like kids, or don't like people that have kids.
I started setting watches on Friday. I have so many, all gifts, that I don't keep the batteries going in all of them any more precisely because there are so many to set. And I'm a stickler to set them to the second (courtesy the time signal from WWV, and two radio controlled clocks). Digital watches are easy. It's the analog that can be a pain. Also did the vehicle clocks Friday as we parked them.

Saturday was for wall clocks and other odds and ends. I'm absolutely sick of this. Average of two in each bedroom, and four in the kitchen area alone. By night, I was seriously thinking about replacing the motors on the analog wall clocks with radio controlled movements, so I don't have to fool with this again.

I didn't have to set one bedroom clock, that automatically changes, or the two radio controlled clocks. Well, I did set that one bedroom clock that had drifted off four or five seconds.

When I thought I had all of them set, my wife reminded me of a clock on a device. Sigh.
If you like DST, then you don't have kids, don't like kids, or don't like people that have kids.

Actually, I'm the only one in this house who doesn't like DST. My wife and kids love it. But my wife didn't have to do farm chores in the dark the last time we tried this for a whole year in the US.

What's ironic is that, based on longitude, we should be in the next time zone over. By that, our time now should be DST.


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My wife and kids love it.

Oh, yeah, the kids usually love it. The problem comes when their circadian rhythms get all futzed up, not to mention trying to put a kid to bed when it's still light outside. Getting them up and out in the dead of night and while they are the walking dead is neither fun nor healthy, either.

What's ironic is that, based on longitude, we should be in the next time zone over. By that, our time now should be DST.

I had the same problem when I lived in Nashville. DST only set things right for a little while.
I love DST. I love it being light enough out to see at 9 p.m. I hate it from Thanksgiving to Christmas when it is dark before 5 p.m.

My entire adult life I have gotten up and gone to work before sunup ... doesn't matter if it's January or July. I've gotten up at 5 a.m. for 30+ years. "Sleeping in" on the weekend for me means 6-6:30 a.m.
I get off work at 3 p.m., so having six hours of usable daylight after work is awesome.

I remember being in the Navy and not wanting to get on the bad side of watch commander in the days leading up to the time change or you'd get stuck with the mid watch that magically turned into a 5-hour beast.


I’m stumped
We changed to daylight savings time here in NZ, 5 weeks ago.
I did not get done all I wanted to in the weekend, so get to complete some of it tonight after work with the extra evening sun shine. Now there's no excuses…...hmm not sure it that's a win or lose. :)
Or I could just leave that for Ron and fire up the BBQ.


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It wasn't if effect when I was a little kid and I also hate rotating shifts. It screws you up. When the sun is directly overhead it's noon. I don't care if it makes it easier to coincide with other countries...I have to look that up anyway.

Just put it back to regular sun dial time and leave it the hell alone.
We have this same discussion every year, and I'll say the same thing I do every year.
I'd be willing to bet that the majority of people who don't like DST are 1. not early risers and 2. generally not outdoors people.
I am both. The more usable daylight for the longest portion of the year I can get the better.
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