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Fake weather reports

OK my local weather person Reported today it was going to be 99°. According to my records both on my digital thermometer as well as my mercury we did not surpass 95. OK I can concede the 4 degrees difference. But still that is a big difference. On a different note I have two feral cats that live in my backyard. They know exactly what is happening. In the summer they get skinny If it’s going to be really hot. If they know how bad a winter is coming they’ll get fat. They are the best meteorologist I know.
Back to my feral cats. Gracie and George. Back when we had that really nasty cold weather here in central Texas. It was 5° for five days in a row or something like that with 6 inches of snow. I just knew that that kind of cold killed them. So I go out in the backyard and walk around in the snow and here they come running and jumping in the snow and having a ball. Made me happy.
Not sure if they do his outside of the UK, but most TV weather reports start by telling you about what the weather has already been that day, before they tell you about the weather to come. I get home at say 1900hrs put on he local weather to be told its rained all day etc. I know I was there! 😤
As George Carlin said "It's 70 degrees at the airport, which is kind of stupid because I don't know anyone who lives at the airport"

I love it when the weather man says "It's sunny outside".
Yeah. Thanks. My house has windows.
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