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Failed Experiment

Sometimes when using HydroLast (particularly the sandalwood variety) it seems like nothing is there except for Cube slag. This prompted me to wonder what it would be like to shave using just the Cube. I tried it today and all I have to say is "ouch". I don't know if my technique was off or maybe the Cube by itself is such a high velocity that some adjustments need to be made? I usually take at least two weeks to evaluate a new product or technique so I'm not going to say it can't be done much better than I did it today; however, given that the HydroLast works great (whether you can tell it's there or not) I don't feel the need to repeat the experiment.
I'm having the same problem as I work the paste and cube with limited results. End result looks the same as when I brush the slag on.
Though it may not seem like it, trust me, the paste is in there. My mixing method is pretty much exactly as CAR spelled out in his "Directions For Using HydroLast" article on Methodshaving.com. Other MS guys and even CAR himself have come up with variations for building the HydroLast mix, but I find I get the best results with the original method.

I've been curious about using the Cube solo for a while. My original post mentions the velocity was too high. After thinking about it and playing around with some blank mixes I'm actually thinking that the velocity was too low (dry). The fact that I thought it was wetter than it was and used High V technique was probably why I burned myself a little.

At any rate, the Cube and the paste go together like corn flakes and milk. I see no need to exclude one or the other.
I'm glad you posted this because I also felt like the hydrolast wasn't working in the mix, and I've been putting it directly on my face. It did seem to me that when I left it out I couldn't tell the difference betwen its being in the mix and not. I tried with different quantities of hydrolast.
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