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    You can find videos of the Dovo factory making and honing razors. They hone razors on convex Coticules. Jarod of The Superior Shave sells these hones. He went to the Dovo factory to learn how to hone using the Dovo method. I understand that he is the only individual certified in the USA to hone Dovo razors without voiding the Dovo guarantee.

    If you consider Coticule edges to be suitable for your beard, then you might like the Dovo factory edges. However, I have yet to shave with a Coticule edge that would shave my coarse beard without tugging. With the right Coticule and the right technique someone might be able to produce a suitable edge for me, but I have yet to experience such an edge. I consider a Coticule to be a prefinisher that needs to be followed by a finer hone to produce a sharper edge. I have read many comments from others who have expressed a similar opinion of Coticules.

    I do realize that there are folks who can shave off a Norton 8K and those who love Coticule edges, but I am not one of them. A 12K edge is the minimum level at which I can shave; I prefer to finish on even finer hones. When I purchased a Dovo Bismark, the first shave off the factory edge was poor. I immediately rehoned the razor and it now provides a great shave.
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    My dovo razor was not even close to shave ready.
    Sure one may say a new user have bad technique. But it comes down to one thing, does it cut facial hair? Mine didn't cut, it pulled hair out. Some seem to be lucky with their razors, or they have a very low standard of shave ready, although I doubt the latter.
  2. I cant agree more.
  3. Well, that is strange you didn't find anything. I will concede the number of complaints on boards may be exaggerated or in some cases due to inexperience.
    I don't want a discussion about razors to become personal. That is what political debates are for, or it seems like it anyway.

    Hopefully issues that are brought up won't be dismissed though. Every manufacturer out there has issues. Even Glock isn't perfect (though some would argue that point. :)).
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