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Facon razor 3.75$

It was too good to be true. I got the Facon today and it was garbage.

How it arrived was a regular bubble mail envelope, which was fine.
how it came in mail.JPG

The box and blades were in a plastic bag, but if you notice the blades and box look a little mangled.
box and blade wrapped in plastic.JPG

close up how mangled the blade box was, but the blades look like they might be salvageable after opening.
mangled blades in packaging.JPG

The end of the box held up fairly well.
mangled end of box.JPG

The mangled blade box and the box that the razor was in.
packaging with blades.JPG

I loaded a razor blade in and it was not able to align right, but the posts locked it in that position really tight. Wasn't able to wiggle it around at all. I was also so scared loading the blade, I held it with a towel the whole time.
top cap view.JPG

The blade doesn't touch the top cap evenly, and the edge of the top cap is wavy. The safety bar is also corroded and lacking plating on one side.
safety bar 1.JPG

side image of the razor head with a blade in it.
side of head.JPG

From the other side
side of head 2.JPG

So, I don't think I will be using this head. It just doesn't line up well and there is no room to adjust the alignment. If you are looking for a cheap razor pass on this.

On the plus side I was able to get the handle onto my Maggard Razors slant head, but only on the slant head. It wouldn't go all the way onto my Maggard Razors V3M, wetshavingclub.com vintage head, global shave club black tiger head, or my global shave club sumatra head. The handle only got about half way on with the head just listed.

Here is a photo with the slant head from Maggard Razors on the Facon handle.
Facon Head with Maggard Razor Slant head.JPG

So in conclusion I don't think you should buy this razor unless you want to gamble on the handle and see if it fits one of your other razor heads. I got lucky and the handle works with one of my favorite heads. It's a shame too because the weight of the razor and look was so nice really. Might try to realign the threads in the handle someday though, it is brass, so kind of a soft metal. Maybe the rest of you will get lucky that ordered one. I hope you are at least.