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Face Washes?

I know a lot of you gents use face washes on a regular basis. I've never used one. I currently use a Dove Exfoliating bar (which is very gentle) at night before bed. What is the advantage of the face wash?

My skin tends toward dryness; even the most gentle bar, given their alkaline nature, makes my skin wicked tight and flaky. After cycling through many many options, I found the Nancy Boy face wash is is the gentlest thing out there. Just great stuff. I rarely need a moisturizer afterward (at least in the warmer months)
I have traditionally used Cetaphil as I get it dirt cheap through my company store (my company is owned by Nestle which owns Cepaphil). I'm experimenting a little right now but I still like it.
I have yet to try the Nancy Boy but plan on sampling an extensive amount of their products very soon. That said, I have been using MenScience products for the past 3-4 months and very much like them. The face wash has a medicinal scent that I like (many, many do not). I also use the scrub and facial moisturizer on an as-needed basis. Again, I like the product as it, in combination with DE shaving, have drastically reduced the irritation, ingrowns and break-outs in general. Prior to MenScience I used the Glyderm Gentle Cleanser with variable success.

*Both the MS and Glyderm have alpha hydroxy acid in different concentrations and tend to dry the face out ever so slightly. The addition of some post-moisurizer readily fixes this problem.
i've tried a number of products, as i have rather oily/problem skin...clinique, zirh, cetaphil, kiehls, you name it...just started using Nancy Boy and i enjoy it very much...very gentle yet seems to control my oil production
I'm bumping this thread back up to see if anyone else has some advice on face washes?

I just picked up some JASON face wash and have yet to try it--anyone have some and care to offer an idea of how this stuff works?

Also, more than happy to hear other suggestions for a good face wash!
I use the following face washes and like all of them at different times:

NB Face Wash - Daily use

Kiel's Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash - Gives a nice 'wake-up' feeling. Sometimes leaves the skin a little dry and in need of moisturizer.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser - This has Salicylic Acid and really works well when I have the occasional acne outbreak.
I just ordered a whole slew of Nancy Boy products. I hope the face wash is as good as all the other NB products I have been using, and that I love so much.:thumbup:
Cheers, DJ.
FWIW - I use Avalon Organics Lavender Face Wash. This stuff leaves my face very soft and smooth...not dry like many other face washes I have tried (and trust me, I have tried A LOT) What caught my attention here (aside from the lack of chemicals)....the very first ingredient was organic lavender. I found this product to work well, and have since acquired the lavender hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and face cream.

A big plus is that its readily available, at Whole Foods....and it isn't overpriced.

Forgot to say, these Avalon Organics washes (face, hair, body, hands) all lather like a banchee!
I use Clinique rinse foaming cleanser. Its about $19 for a (pink) tube, but it is fantastic. I used to have bad acne and everything I used either didn't work or dryed the heck out of my skin (and didn't work). The Clinique works great.
I wash my face in the evenings with a bar of Marseille soap (not the olive one but the palm oil based) gently before going to bed. I find that people tend to wash their face too hard, regardless of what soaps they're using. If I wash my face gently it doesn't dry out at all and feels much better. I always finish up with a Sofri moisturizing gel which make my skin feel and look much better (not that I need it *cough*).

In the mornings I do the same, but then I was my complete body with the Marseille soap. After shaving I always put the moisturizing balm next to the AS balm.
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