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Face Mask Causing Irritation

I'm having problems with skin irritation from wearing a face mask. There is even a name for this phenomena, which is called "maskne".

Here's how I'm dealing with it. I make sure that I thoroughly rinse my mask after washing it with hot water and soap. (I wash it after every use per experts' recommendations.) I have switched from being a daily shaver to shaving every other day. I'm moisturizing my face with Cerave AM/PM lotion. This product has niacinamides, which are recommended by dermatologists to help clear up maskne.

Are any of you having any similar problems? How are you treating it?
I'm happy to know from the lack of responses that no one reading this forum is experiencing any mask-related skin irritation. I guess I'm just an overly sensitive guy.
20+ yrs wearing mask every day and thank God no issues. But I shaved my head 2 yrs ago and I will get some skin breakout now if I wear a cap too long. Apply a mix of witchhazel + alcohol+ aspirin every day, well twice and all is good