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Face lathering: never say never

I mainly face lather- I like the feel of the big brushes on my head, face, and neck-especially with badger-based brushes. However, I bowl lather when using creams or croaps. Even when bowl lathering, after scooping the lather onto the brush, it still gets face lathered in and not painted. I only paint at the end to get everything even.

Basically, it's your shave den- do what feels good to you and your face. I have a PAA brush scuttle- which works for bulb and smaller knot brushes. I also have a Dirty Bird Pottery scuttle; they both get plenty of use this time of year.

I'm a 'die hard' bowl latherer. For whatever reason, I prefer it to all other techniques. With that said, I can appreciate a good stimulating face lather. It certainly makes traveling easier as I don't have to tote a bowl around.
I have his soc which is hogging lather like crazy, face lathering seems to improve things a little bit, althouh I!m still have to side wipe/paint on the 2nd pass. I maybe return to bowl if things improve hog wise but for now face lather it shall be.
I have facelathered few years. Now when my wife bought one springy clipped badger, that was scritch to facelather, i left that one unused in my den (sadly)... Now few months gone, i tryed today make bowl lathers with it. Well, that was pretty good. Not as fast as my smaller boars, but i think i facelather with my fukly broken boars, and bowl with that badger.

My new thinking/idea is, ALL brushes are good. They just have different good things.
I initially bowl lathered until I was in a hotel and had no bowl so I gave face lathering a go. I got a much better lather plus so much more of the soaps scent and the feel of the brush that I never lathered from a bowl ever again.
I use a bowl for creams and for soaps that require more work to get the consistency I like (Captain's Choice, and PAA). I get the lather close to where I want it in the bowl, then work it on my face to get it just right.
I enjoy both and I think it also depends if i'm using a cream or a soap. I like face lathering a bit more though, since it works really well and it's a bit faster. Shaving sticks like Arko are fantastic for face lathering.
Tabac stick (or any stick), obviously you face lather, since the soap starts on the face. I have soaps I prefer face lathering (Proraso) and those I prefer bowl lathering (MWF). Creams I bowl lather.
I also do both. I start out in the bowl, get it half way there and finish off on the face. This for me gives me the ammount I need and the best performance. Best of two worlds.
How does bowl lathering take more time? It seems like lathering on the face means you'd have to build a lather three separate times for three passes.
I load for 30 seconds and build the lather on the face once, with enough on the brush for three or more passes. Not having to rinse the bowl saves time.
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