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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by snip3r, May 20, 2013.

    Currently I'm looking at omega premium #34 , Semogue ( not too sure which model as I read the 1305 has questionable handle ) and maybe a drilled Whipped Dog 24mm Silvertip.

    I'm currently also using a Vulfix 404 mixed and I would like something that improves on the Vulfix in terms of softness and better backbone. Not to say that the Vulfix doesn't have any.

    I think the high end semogue is quite expensive and hence I thought of including the whipped dog silvertips to the equation.

    Thanks for your help.
  1. If you want to give a boar brush a try you would be hard pressed to find a better face lathering brush than the Semogue 830. That said, the Whipped Dog silvertip is uber-soft and if set at a low loft will have plenty of backbone to do the job. I enjoy my 30mm WD set at 55mm, but I would probably prefer a 24mm as mine is a bit larger than optimal (for me).
  2. New Forest 2204 is my advise. Great backbone and all the nice properties for a badger.
  3. The Semogue Owners Club is an excellent choice and the 23rd it will be 20% off to celebrate Vintage Scents anniversary!

    At 64 USD the best two bander in the biz, I think.
    And a nice facelatherer!

    It also is a good looking brush I think:

    View attachment 335919

    You may also give the VB brushes a look: http://www.vintagebladesllc.com/vshop/xcart/home.php?cat=240
    I cannot recommend them personally as I do not have one, but they receive high praise here and are not expensive.
  4. 620 in boar, Chubby 1 in best, TGN Finest with a custom handle from pen works. Pick one..
  5. ... or the whole pack.:001_tongu
  6. I have the NT 2204 and also the Vulfix 404. Both fine brushes but the 404 works better for me face-lathering. YMMV as they say.
  7. 1305 and 820 are the same brush with a different handle. Both will be excellent face lathering brushes. Both will take a few months to break in also

    There is nothing wrong with the handle on the 1305. It is made of wood with epoxy paint over it.

    Just don't soak the entire brush and handle, only the bristles. Also don't drop it as it will crack like an egg but if you drop any brush you are going to crack or chip the handle depending on what it hits.

    I soak all of my brushes in a mug with enough water to cover the bristles only because I have a fair number of custom brushes with exotic wood handles so just got into the habit of soaking all of my brushes this way

  8. Just to throw another one out there..... Semogue 1800. I have used this brush every day for the past 4 months. It is a great brush for face latherers
  9. I love my SOC boar but with not that heavy use it has gotten quite floppy, I would recommend so of WSPs offerings. I have the extra dense silvertip now the prince I think it is very good though it can be a bit of a lather hog. I find simpson 57 is the perfect brush for face lathering though.
  10. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Have one custom made or buy some old knots and reknot a few brushes to see what you really prefer. You can then pick exactly what you want in there.
  11. May I know what is WSP? Do you have any other experience with other Semogue?

    I'm leaning towards semogue as I actually have a Duke 2 in my brush arsenal.
  12. I have both the Semogue 1305 and 830 and simply put they are both fine brushes.

    Early on, about three years ago iirc, the 1305 did have problem with the quality of it's paint cracking. The problem is long fixed, my 1305 dates just after that time and has held up wonderfully other than the one chip resulting from a drop from sink level to hard ceramic floor tiles. (user error). IMO, this is so common that it is a sign that your 1305 is really broken in. :001_smile

    The 830 is the same boar hair as the 1305, but according to Leon, of Vintage Scent, it contains 10% more hair due to differences between the cast acrylic handle and the painted wood handle of the 1305.
  13. Hi!-- I have the Vintage Blades finest which I really like. My fave face lathering brush is my TGN 22 mm Finest Fan. Enjoy!:thumbup:
  14. I'm leaning towards 1305 , 830 and maybe the SoC. Is the 830 and SoC loft a bit high? The 1305 seems perfect.
  15. If you have a Duke 2 what are you doing looking for a face lathering brush.

    Out of all the brushes I have tried none has bested the Duke 2 as the face lathering champion of my shave den


  16. Yes it's the best and the best need a partner for rotation :)

  17. Rooney Heritage XL series and the Da Vinci 293 are close runners up but my Duke 2 still bests them.

    I had a 1305 for a while but I sold it. Sold all of my boar brushes as they just weren't getting used.

  18. Gents, in your more experienced opinions, how does an Omega Pro 49 fit in the list of good face lathering brushes? OP, I don't mean to hijack your thread, just further the discussion.
  19. IMVHO Omega 48/49 are the best value for money for FL. Consider also the smaller, cheap and very soft Omega 10066. It will be a real surprise: plenty of backbone and unbeliveable softness for a boar brush!

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