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Ez's review of Johns PIF TOBS Lavender

Good morning gents!

Started the morning with a nice 45 min sauna, 80C to start, 102C at finish, suffice it to say the beard was well hydrated. Set up my hot towel steamer, grabbed a shower and got my shave on! only my second time using a cream but the lather from the TOBS built quickly providing a thick, slick luxuriously creamy lather. Proraso green preshave kinda overpowered the lavender so didn't really notice a strong scent, will have to do another with a scentless preshave. A small amount of TOBS in my bowl was more than enough for 3 passes which as a newb I'm just graduating to. Skin feels wonderful, I really enjoyed this shave cream. I was anxious for it to arrive and it did not disappoint. finished up with the Stirling Soap "Mountain Man" aftershave which garnered Mrs EZ's approval so all in all a pretty good morning. Huge thanks again to John for his generous PIF and goodies. Have a great weekend boyz.
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The Lather Maestro
OUTSTANDING post! Good PIF post, good product review, nice bringing in the sauna (probably more necessary in Canuckistan), generally all-around top post! :thumbup:
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