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Eye cream recommendations

I've got brown spots in the corners of my eyes from "excessive" sun exposure. Any products out there that will fade those?


Here are the three I'd try for reducing spots or discoloration:
On the high-end side ($100++), supposedly the La Mer eye balm (or their newer "Blanc de la mer" line) can retexturize and brighten discolorations anywhere on one's face. It's VERY expensive stuff, and can be purchased online at their website, Neimans, Saks, etc.

On the middle end (~$50), Shiseido (which can be found at pretty much any dept. store and Sephora) has a line called "Bio-Performance" which is intended to help with smoothness and discolorations- the eye cream is called "Super Eye Contour Cream". (Also check out their "Pureness" and "Whitening?" lines.)

Finally, Kiehls has a few eye cream/gel options designed for different purposes. (Prices: $18-$35) In the Kiehls store (the main one in NYC), they tell you that there is no cream that can remove "dark circles" but that you can moisturize to help decrease puffiness... I use their Abyssine cream and it seems to help with darkness and wrinkly areas in the middle and the crows feet areas.

Hope this helps get you looking in the right direction!
i have found the nancy bou ultramarine night cream to be very good around my eyes. a little expensive at $45 but i have had it for 2-3 months and have barely put a dent in it. i do not know of its effectiveness in regards to fading spots but a quick email to the nancy boy would result in prompt answers.

Thanks for the suggestions NY Law! I'll definitely give them a try.

My thought exactly. I did email them, their response indicated they did not have a product that would help but if they came across anything that works, would contact me. The ultramarine sounds great for the other eye issues and I will likely try that as well.

Eye creams will only moisturize the skin. If I read your post correctly you are looking for something to make these sun spots vanish. The only thing that will come close to this is a skin lightener, or fade cream, and you don't want to get these chemicals in your eyes.

First, to stop the problem from getting worse, you might want to consider a sunblock with an SPF of at least 15, and look specifically for something to use on your face. Second, speak to a dermatologist.
Unfortunately, hyperpigmentation is one of the most difficult skin conditions to address. Many spend thousands of $ on laser txs only to find that the spots return. This is primarily due to the fact that like our muscle, the skin has a memory. The best thing I could suggest would be a vitamin c serum. I believe that skinceuticals has a good one (vitc and e) At best you're looking to lighten it up (6mos. min.) but not have it disappear. Protect yourself with a healthy sunscreen to avoid future damage. Stay away from any lightening products with hydroquinone. Hope that helps.
Forgot to mention one other point with regards to a post by NY Law. A cream for dark circles and puffiness is addressing conditions which are different from hyperpigmentation, caused by the sun in this case.
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