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Extra Special Christmas Blade Sampler Galore PIF

Hello my friends.

I've kept my proud tradition of blade PIFs, and often chose more than one winner, or even more than two, so more shavers can enjoy trying new blades.
This one is a Blade Sampler Galore Inter-Galactic Extra Special Christmas PIF with 10 different types of blades!
This is how it goes:

+1 if you're under 100 posts
+1 if you're Active Duty
+1 if you're Unemployed

Please mention all of these in your post.

The blades are:

Gillette Indian Black
Lord Platinum
Personna Red
Gillette Silver Blue
Gilette Platinum
Nacet Stainless
SuperMax Super Platinum
Viking Sword
Treet DuraSharp

Ulfgar will be so kind as to help me to pick the winner.
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Hope you had a merry Christmas, im both under 100 posts and unfortunately unemployed, and would love to try the GSB & Voskhod so count me in
I am not in. I am in the process of trying blades that were generously PIFed to me by Spacecadet that I probably would have never tried if it weren't for him. A review of them will be coming in the future. All newbies should get in on this one.
Nice PIF, Sir.
There are some good blades here that are rarely spoken off. Someone could find their new favourite from this lot.
Space_Cadet have asked me to drwa a winner when the time comes.

Let me just emphasize this from the first post:
+1 bonus entry if you're under 100 posts
+1 bonus entry if you're Active Duty
+1 bonus entry if you're Unemployed

...but please mention in your post if and which bonus entries you should have!
I was asked to assist Space_Cadet in picking a winner for this great blades PIF.

Random.org threw out number 9, which means Post #11 is the winner. Congratulations atl blade! :thumbup:

Happy shaves to all of you, and thanks to Space_Cadet for hosting this PIF! :thumbup1:
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