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Excuse Me While I Throw Myself Out A Window!

Alright.................soooooooooooooo, not even sure what to say but it's not stuff kids should be hearing.

I've been wanting an Easy Aces for a long time to replace the one I lost when I moved. Finally got one and just received it a few hours ago.

So I decided I'll skip the dremel and just go to my buffers; hey it's been a long time since I've used them so why not. Gotta get a mirror out of my razor I've been searching for!

60 seconds into it.............and "snap!" Thank God I had my goggles on as I always do because the piece hit them! I just flipped the switch off and walked away, I've screwed up blades before but never broken one and I've never been so disappointed losing a razor by any means as I feel now. Just in sorrow.

Where's Bill to slap me up side the head for falling asleep at the wheel.
Lesson to all those that a buffer is the most dangerous piece of equipment in the shop.

I didn't have the guts to post it, but I tried to take out the pitting of a DD goldedge this past weekend and went to far. Got it all the way to a perfect mirror and when I went to the hones.....guess what??

That's right, I overheated the blade and tempered it in the process. Won't take an edge at all. This was my lesson that you live with some pitting on full hollows. I think even if I dunked it more in ice water I still would have lost the temper. The edge on these types are ultra thin.

First one I lost to overheating on the buffers and a reminder as to why I like to restore old sheffield wedges and hate full hollows.
That sucks mate

I did the same thing with a beau brummel that i was just finishing the mirror polish on. I chucked it in my box and havent been able to look at it since.


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Since it happened and you have the tools, why not carefully clip the end with a Dremel cut off disk and make a shorty? Redo the scales to the shorter blade and go with it. Or.. make a Kamisori of which there are many examples around the forums.
Some guys find that they like the shorter razors or you may perhaps give it as a gift to a small caring person??

Most things we learn are after we screw up.
Do not defenestrate! :scared:

Mark, so sorry man. I feel your pain. The only consoling thing I can say is that at least you didn't hurt yourself. I think restoring straight razors is very dangerous and it's easy to cut yourself while working on blades. There will always be another razor, not another finger or eye.

Don't worry too much about it. It wasn't meant to be. Your next razor will even be better. :thumbup:
Thanks for the thoughts!

It was meant for a joke and to blow some steam off, I've never done that before so it really got to me.

I'll probably cut it down but I'm going to take a break from polishing for a while and stick to dremel work. As some have said about the danger of restoration and grinders and buffers, it will humble you real quick. Half way through the polish I switched to my goggles over my glasses and I'm sure there would have been a different tune in my thread.

I bought a new jnat to make me feel better. :blush:
I bought a new jnat to make me feel better. :blush:

Pretty effective :thumbup1:
I missed out on an awesome deal on a Puma that I've been wanting for the past year, and my new Ozuku that arrived in the mail today helped a bit.

Hope your future restorations go more smoothly, Mark. Sorry about this one. Now I'm scared to use my buffer...
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