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FS Excellent Gillette Big Fellow, Morris and Forndran Moonjava Chief Blonde Badger, boxed.

Excellent condition Gillette Big Fellow. NO cracks in handle, NO bent teeth, silver plating intact. Gumwood case in excellent condition, latch works properly, good hinges. Empty blade bank. Stamped serial number on razor head is 90157A. $195 CONUS, Paypal G&S.



Morris and Forndran Moonjava Chief. 26+ mm diameter, 52 mm loft. Includes original box and paper wrapper. Dense fill with the original grade of Blonde Badger that has not been available for almost 10 years now. Soft (but not gel) white tips, good backbone, the quality that Lee Sabini made in the days right after Rooney. The handle is distinctive and stylish turned in the moonjava multicolor resin. Very few of this model were made by Sabini although it is a popular design in different colors by some other brushmakers. $210 CONUS, Paypal G&S.




Empty Wrisley’s lavender wooden soap dish. Quite small ~3” ID and 3/4” deep. I used it with grated soap. Free with either brush or razor first come first served. $15 shipped alone.


All three items together, $375 CONUS. I will the ship razor and/or brush international for added cost. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks.
Thanks for the positive comments gents, much appreciated.

If anyone has any issues with the printing, please let me know. This kit is too nice to be sitting in a drawer but I have too much of it!
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