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    The biggest, absolute thing that's happening here is that you are "learning" from this run and you can use what you learn to "improve" your technique, and that's what matters most!

    You clearly see what a blade is capable of, and that's what Excalibur is all about!
  1. Polsilver SI 90!
    Using New SC for everyone.
    One WTG, one XTG

    14 months Tabac
  2. Awesome! The NEW SC is the best of the NEW's and excellent for longevity, blades stay smooth.
  3. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    120 shaves on a Polsilver Super Iridium,
    and done. :001_smile

    I hadn't been noticing that the last few shaves had taken a little more work to get to BBS. I suspect that was due to some technique improvement because the shaves weren't taking any longer than before. So (barring the occasional one off) that was 120 great shaves. The blade is no doubt good for plenty more shaves but it's lost that superb sharpness that make the shaves so easy. So with the rule "only great shaves" in mind that's the end of the run for this very nice blade.

    I'd like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to @bosseb for much help (and the Polsilver blade suggestion), and @rabidus for his help, especially the daily blade flipping suggestion.

    After much favorable reading about the Kai blade, not to mention @Theleme's great pics, I'll be starting afresh with a Kai tomorrow.
    Another journey into the unknown. :laugh:
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  4. Nice run, congrats! :thumbsup:
  5. Saxonbowman

    Saxonbowman Ambassador

    120 shaves, Is that all? Seriously Cal that is a phenomenal run. Congratulations!
    That pic makes the blade look like the edge is completely rounded off. I'm sure its an illusion.
  6. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Thank you rabidus. :001_smile
    Thank you Mike. :001_smile
    It must be Mike. It's still plenty sharp.
  7. I feel like such a wuss... I retired my ASCO super stainless after 43 shaves today. 43 is a new record for me (previous record was 39) and I was happy to break 40.

  8. :a14:Congratulations for this performance Cal !
    And even more when you say it was 120 great shaves ...

    Too bad: it only missed 5 to make 2 half ton plus 1 quarter ton :001_302:

    News about my kai : it took advantage of the party for her # 50, felt like a star and become realy lazy ! I tested against a new Kai yesterday and comparing was not good for the old one. The next shave will be it last chance to continue the adventure...
  9. Well done on persevering with that blade. :a14:The trick seems to be when to quit when you are on a long run. I think you have summed it up in that statement.
  10. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    :thumbup1: You're no wuss Ruckin. 43 is great, and obviously you're progressing.

    Can you imagine a three year old feeling like a wuss because his dad's 30? :laugh:
  11. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Thank you Theleme. :001_smile
    :laugh: I'm quite happy with a ton point two.
    :thumbup1: Great stuff on the 50 count Theleme. Do you have a #50 blade pic?
    Interesting. That's something I'd never even considered... and now you mention it, for sure I'm not going to try it. :frown2:
  12. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Thank you Invicta. :001_smile
  13. Here the Kai # 50 and # 54 when I stopped it.
    In 2 or 3 shaves it has deteriorated considerably ...

    This morning I emerged a Kai AC Protouch to put it in my general brass. It was already at # 27: It did her two more shaves, it did her job, but a little pushing ... tomorrow it will have to convince me. This is not won in advance because someone here said "only great shaves ..." is'nt it? :001_rolle
  14. I was starting to get bored with my run but I think I will continue on for another month.
    Polsilver S.I. Blades have been great for me.
  15. Saxonbowman

    Saxonbowman Ambassador

    I decided to call it a pause today for the Nacet after 92 shaves. I was starting to suspect that it just wasn't shaving optimally any more. After three months I was beginning to forget what a new blade feels like. I rattled around on my shave shelf but couldn't find the pack of Personna Labs so I ended up grabbing a Voskhod and loaded it into my Short Comb. The shave was definitely easier and much less 'tuggy' than the old Nacet. The result, interestingly enough, was not really better. I was pretty casual about lather etc. so I'll blame that. I'll put the Nacet on the shelf for a few days and see if I get the urge to go back to it. Right now its nice to try something else for a while. Then again I'm only eight shaves away from the century mark :001_302:
  16. Back to the Gillette Silver Blue #56 and it is still shaving smoothly in the Progress. Had a short break with my travel set of EJ DE89 and Rapira Super Stainless #13, while I was on holiday for a few days and have a good comparison with the GSB performance. Still plenty of shaves in it.
  17. Changing blades today. I got 30 out of a 7 o'clock Super Stainless green. It was a great blade and I used it in a Maggard Slant the whole time. I've always been impressed with these lenses and when I was getting 6-7 shaves before changing out, they were one of my favorites.

    This month I'm going to move to a 7 o'clock yellow, which is one of my favorite blades, but I've also never pushed these beyond 7 yet. I think I'm going to put it into my Maggard V2 open comb since I haven't used that razor in a while and it was one of my favorites until I got my slant.

    I think my technique has gotten consistent to the point where I can get at least 20 out of any blade I try. Of course, my collection of blades is pretty small, but we'll see. I have some Rapira/Ladas/Voskhod blades sitting around that I could try to excalibur soon, but I want to use my Gillette blades for the next couple months.
  18. I was reminded today how much a good shaving soap does for the quality and comfort of a shave. I've been experimenting with making shaving soap, and just tried out two formulations with castor oil, and pretty standard stearic acid/tallow/coconut oil soap, and one with soy wax instead of stearic acid (soy wax is fully hydrogenated soy oil).

    Today's shave, with the soy wax soap, was the best. I'm using a German Wilkinson Sword, currently at 40 shaves on one edge, and todays shave was much better than yesterday's and the two days before with the other soaps. The soy wax soap is as slick as Williams, allows me to concentrate on the edge and the shave, not the drag from inadequate slickness.

    Last shave for that edge, had to finish up with the "new" side, was not cutting off the stubble on my chin even with several passes. Not bad though, 40 shaves on one edge gives an estimate of 80 total.

    Now if I could just get a good close lasting shave from a Polsilver! Super sharp, took a while before I could stop babying the blade to avoid weepers, but have yet to get a really close shave from it. I've tried three razors so far, no difference. Very annoying, as it appears to be going to last longer than the Wilkinson. Get lovely close shaves with a Wilkinson.
  19. Feather, shave number 52. Day 2 in the Feather Portable.

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