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Great PIF.
my favorite book is one by Stephen King titled "Gerald's Game". It is a story of a couple attempting to rekindle their sex life. In true King fashion this quickly goes wrong. Terribly wrong. Exciting and fast read. Enjoy it if you have a chance, just as I would enjoy the gift of your PIF.
Haha I am in! A unique fact about me that makes me unusual... I hate pasta. Can't stand it at all...and will actually try it from time to time to see if I like it, but I will almost always spit it out or swallow one bite and then leave the rest behind. I am nearly 30 years old and atill can't stand pasta.
WOW! Great PIF! I'm in on this.
My favorite recipe is: BEER BREAD
12 oz of your favorite (I prefer wheat) beer
3 cups self-rising flour
3 tablespoons sugar
1 stick butter for topping

Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl (except butter). Bake at 350 for 45 min. Add butter to top. Bake additional 10-15 minutes.
Super easy and delicious!

Favorite Camp tool: Leatherman Wave and Paracord

Thanks for your generosity!
I'm in.

Jello fluff.
Container of cottage cheese
A box of jello any flavor.
Large container of Cool Whip.
And can of Fruit Cocktail. Be sure to drain the fruit cocktail.

Mix all together and enjoy. Very simple that's what I like.
I'm in. My favorite book is Two Tankers Down The Greatest Small-Boat Rescue in the U.S. Coast Guard History. by Robert Frump
It's about a Coast Guard rescue of two oil tankers than literally split in half off the Cape Cod coast during a blizzard in 1952. An incredible, and true story of successful sea rescue. The Coast Guard crew took a 36 foot rescue boat out in 60 foot seas to save 35 lives. Great read.
WOW, great PIF. I’m obviously in :D

Im gonna tell you about my favourite recipe. Is very simple, it's my mom’s pancake recipe.
You only need to mix one egg, a cup of milk, and 1 1/3 cups of flour and 2 tablespoons of sugar.
Mix it until threre are no lumps and then just drop the mix in a pan.
I love it, because it is so simple and delicious. I make 'em everytime i have the time to do so.

I can tell you about my favourite book to, it's called Invisible Monsters and was written by Chuck Palahniuk. I like it because its so weird, it makes me laugh at times and i'm a big fan of mister Palahniuk.
I'm In:

1. Post your favorite recipe and tell me about it

I call them Beer Doggles

Start with a really hot BBQ and a cast iron frying pan

1. Add some olive oil to the pan.
2. Place 4-8 hot dogs in the pan and turn them until they are seared on each side, sprinkle your favorite BBQ rub on them while turning.
3. add a few cut up onions to the pan and fry them until they are tender
4. add a full can of beer and close the lid for 5 minutes
5. stir the onions in the beer and turn the dogs
6. close lid for another 5 minutes
7. when you open the bbq this time the beer should have cooked off, if not close the lid again for another few minutes.
8. one beer has cooked off, place the dog on a bun, top with the onions and enjoy.

You now have made BEER DOGGLES!:drool:
I'm still not in....but I will be trying some of these recipes...especially that last one! I'm a hotdog maniac!
I'm in!

1. My favourite recipe is a simple spaghetti carbonara. Pasta, some bacon, cheese, and an egg. Oh, and don't forget the cracked black pepper or a bit of chile flakes. So simple, but so good.
2. I don't camp much.
3. My favourite book is also tough, just because there are so many worthy of mention. But, I suppose if I had to choose, I would say I really enjoyed The Kiterunner by Khaled Hosseini.

Wonderful PIF. Thanks for the chance.


I'm in. My favorite book is "Moe Howard & The Three Stooges" by Moe Howard. I got that book when I was 11 or 12, and must have read it hundreds of times. I especially liked the stories Moe wrote about Shemp.
I'm in

My favorite camping supply is a gas powered lantern. Nothing says camping like the flicker of the mantles as they are lit. Too bad an ex never gave me back my antique one :(

Entered with the hopes of winning the badger brush.
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I'm in. What a great PIF!

I won't go camping without my Gerber Multitool (like a Leatherman, but different), and my cigar cutter (for obvious reasons).
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