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Every Pipe Since my Last Post

It has occurred to me that my last post here was some time ago. Just wanted to show off what I've gotten over the last several months. No tobacco, apparently I have enough stocked for several years!

Here's what they are and what I paid. FYI, anything labeled $2 all came in a bag as one lot for $18. The two not pictured from that low are a plastic-stemmed no name Dr Grabow Viking copy, and a Stokkebye Dinner Pipe with no stem. Everything else was individually priced.

1) Jeantet Lumberman $10
2) Jeantet Lovat $10
3) Jeantet Artisan $10
4) A "Brooksess". Never heard of it before, and couldn't find any info anywhere. Smokes fantastic. Forgot an individual picture. $2
5) VanRoy Ajustomatic Arista $8
6) Dr Grabow Free Hand. $10
7) Dr Grabow Color Duke $2
8) Bari. Lovely pipe, in slightly rough shape. $2
9) Jobey Filtersan. $2
10) Wally Frank $8
11) Wally Frank (favorite of the Franks) $8
12) Wally Frank Absorbant Cartridge $8
13) Kaywoodie Saxon $2
14) Kaywoodie Red Root $2
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