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Every Friday is Clubman Friday

Slapped some on this morning after the gym, what a happy coincidence!

We had some young college interns start this week and one of the girls commented that she really liked "whatever powdery cologne I was wearing."

I guess Clubman transcends generations!
Absolutely! I even put the bottle on the counter Thursday evening while brushing my teeth so I don't forget.

They say your memory is the first thing to go, I can't remember the second... :001_smile
My fifth time wearing PC and my first time on Friday. I like this stuff more each time I wear it. However, I just had a sneezing fit; I hope they are not related.:blink:
I do the Clubman Fridays and Old Spice Mondays, and have also added a Lucky Tiger Thursday to the mix. Although this week, I did it as a Lucky Tiger Wednesday just because I felt like it! I shaved with LT Molle Cream, shampooed with their SDR Shampoo, which by the way is fantastic stuff, and followed up with a splash of LT Aspen Aftershave. The rest of the days are whatever I feel like. It's kinda fun to play along with the scent of the day type of thing.
Mm...looking forward to my first Clubman Friday. Been enjoying the stuff like crazy. I think an Old Spice Monday might be necessary as well. I love all the old school scents, and so does SWMBO!
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