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Every Friday is Clubman Friday

I wear it every friday, too and enjoy the scent of it. I probably actually apply a little more than I should but I don't care...it's for me and I like the way I smell wearing it and I just assume everyone else does too.
I wear something from the Pinaud Clubman line during the week, but yes, Friday is Clubman day.

Today it is the classic.
I am still too timid to wear it at the office, lest I accidentally overextend my scent plume, but I will likely wear some this weekend at least once. :tongue_sm
I didn't know that Friday was Clubman day, but hey I'm in luck because I just so happened to have used it this morning!!!! Great stuff.
I rocked the Clubman yesterday morning before taking a shower at noon (at home dealing with a sick kid and had to wait until nap time). I was going to re-up on the clubman post shave, but I had my best shave ever and celebrated with the Veg instead.
love the pinaud line, have everything on hand but the veg which i PIF'd. Funny how the one i didnt like at all when i got it is now my favorite. Special reserve rocks! also love combining citrus lime with bay rum, creates a very unique smell that is much better than either 2 individually.
Happy Friday everyone!
couldn't wear Clubman today due to traveling and only having my Ice Blue AV with me. I'll make up for it and wear Clubman on both Sat and Sun.
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