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Every deodorant smells disgusting to me, any help?

I have the same problem with unpleasant deodorant scents....until I discovered D R Harris Windsor. What a great find! It's high-priced but a stick lasts a very long time. And the scent is subtle, manly and keeps the armpits happy all day.
PAA makes all natural deodorants in almost all their scents so there’s got to be something you like. And a bonus they made deodorants before shave soap so you can count on it being real deal.

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PAA Deodorants are the only thing I'll use now. The scents are amazing and it lasts a long time. No nasty stuff in it either.
I was in the same boat with you until I found this. I love this stuff. It doesn't smell fake at all and doesn't make my pits itch like all the other crap out there loaded with chemicals. Very fresh Pine-ish Lavender scent that fits with every single shaving soap and cologne I own, almost everything has lavender in it!

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+1 on Arm & Hammer deodorant only ( no anti perspirant). I usually get the unscented but if they are out of it the Fresh works for me and doesnt interfere with my aftershave scent.
I was a Mitchum anti-perspirant unscented guy for at least a quarter of a century, sometimes scented if thats all the store had, but then they suddenly started to bleach my shirts, and not just in the underarm area. This was with summer polo shirts where you dont wear a white undershirt. It always had turned the underarm area of the undershirt brownish, but didnt effect polo shirts. When I would put on the polo shirt some Mitchum would rub off on other areas. Then they started to say it was a non stain formula but it still ruined my shirts. Then I found out that anti perspirant is notorious for. Now that I am older I dont perspire under my arms and all I need is deodorant. So I have been using A & H for 4 or 5 years. Now my white undershirts stay all white under the arms, too!