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Every 100 years...

...even the best need a tuneup.

This Khaki Military set has a serial number dating it to 1918, the end of WW 1. After acquiring the set it was repaired and is good to go. Had a nice shave with it today and then cleaned it up and added it to my little collection.

Before: Not quite visible but there were actually two different splits in the handle, one from each end. It was a mess.



I have one of these sets as well and use it occasionally. Using a piece of history for its intended purpose is a bit like stepping back in time.

You have a nice looking set, we’ll done.
Looks great! Are you gonna use it?

I used it yesterday and had low expectations. In the past I had used one of the same vintage and it did not go well - way too aggressive, pretty much for anyone. Imagine my surprise at the great shave that this 100 year old razor delivered.

Well done, nice repair. How was the shave?

I would say it was not the very top tier of performances but it certainly would beat out many modern razors today.
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