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Ever-Ready N500 Restoration

Picked up this brush on eBay last month, then pulled the white synthetic knot out and replaced it with a TGN 20mm Finest knot. Probably should have used a 22mm but this is plenty of hair for sure.

The loft is set at 57mm. I did a restoration last year where I set a similar knot at around 53mm and found the brush to be way too tight, (epoxied in foolishly) so this one is set at maximum height--the top of the $20140113_100422.jpg$20140113_100337.jpg$20140113_100358.jpgacrylic plug at the base of the knot is set up to the brim of the brush handle's hole. I see some guys referring to loft heights of less than 50mm and wonder how this is possible to set it at that low level and have a functioning brush?

I raise this issue as I find these knots to be less than pillowy soft, and they are packed with a lot of hair--actually too much for me. I'm truthfully fond of my boar brushes but this is a gift for a friend and I think he'll like it.

I have not as yet purchased a TGN Silvertip, but am looking for a recommendation for a proper silvertip knot choice for another restore. I have used a Whipped Dog silvertip knot for a restore and find it quite soft and enjoyable, and useful, although she sheds a bit, but not a TGN silvertip as of yet.

Your comments on loft and flow are welcomed here.
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