Ever ready model numbers -- post your numbers here

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by SavantStrike, Sep 25, 2009.

    That is the perfect brush!!! Love that one! :thumbup1:
  1. $20161211_151532.jpg $20161211_151403.jpg
    Had an urge to hit a flea market today and added a 200T in green/white. Or at least I think it used to be white.
    Got the 750 a while ago but haven't had much time to post it. The collection keeps growing.
  2. I was at an flea market last Wed. Picked up a NOS EverReady C40 for 3 bucks. Could not pass it up.
  3. Here's one I just got. It says 100 on the bottom, but I haven't been able to see any online that match it. The 79 comes close, but this one has a groove of some type going around it above the logo.

    EvrRdy1.JPG EvrRdy2.JPG EvrRdy3.JPG
  4. This is my grandfathers brush. Ever Ready 400.

    I watched him use it countless times as a kid. It's worn down to a nub. My dad gave it to me recently along with gramps Old Spice mug. The mug is from around 1950 so I guess the brush could be around that old.

    Under the '400' it says Badger and Bristle and there are visibly two different


  5. Ever-Ready 75K
    My first brush restore / re-knot with a 22mm TGN Finest Badger
    Two piece handle, upper and lower are threaded.
    IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0685.JPG
  6. shm


    Beautiful :001_wub:

    Very well done sir :thumbup: :a14:
  7. Thanks for the thumbs up, a fun project, thanks to all of the how to's, and lessons learned from B&B members.
  8. I recently found this tiny (slightly less than 4 inches tall) Ever Ready shaving brush with no model number. Has anyone seen this one before?
  9. Very nice; wish I could help in identifying it. I like small brushes! :001_cool:
  10. IMG_0143.JPG

    Re-knotted a 162 with an 18mm black badger knot, polished and re-lettered.

  11. I just found this thread. I've had a 1000 sitting around for a long time waiting to be restored. I got it as a throw in at an antique store with an Old Spice mug that I wanted. I finally got around to working on it last weekend. The knot was a mess so I removed it, sanded the handle with 1000 grit wet&dry, and then polished it with Maas. I unfortunately deleted my before pics, but here is a pic of my work so far. I'm now waiting for a 20mm 2-band knot to arrive from Virginia Sheng.

  12. And here is the finished product after it's first use this morning. Nice face latherer!

  13. Very nice job! :thumbup1: I've been on a synthetic kick lately. Got to try some nice badgers.
  14. Very nice 1000... I should have held on to mine and re-knotted it, but I sold it instead :a13:
  15. I was getting quite the collection and decided to let someone else enjoy them, rather collect dust on my shelf.
  16. Thanks guys!
  17. BladeShark

    BladeShark Contributor

    This is a new one for me. It's an Ever-Ready Fethabrush with feathers instead of badger/boar hair. What were they thinking?

    fethabrush1.jpg fethabrush2.jpg fethabrush4.jpg fethabrush3.jpg
  18. It doubles as a shuttlecock!

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