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Ever Ready 500PB (Pure Badger) NOS in box

I just got this Ever Ready 500PB (Pure Badger) from eBay. Some of you may have been bidding on it as there were a few bids. It's new in the box. The knot is pretty small considering the length of the handle, with the knot being roughly an 18mm. It'll enter the rotation next week.

Look fabulous. It has aged well. That was a common size for the time. I have two Erskines that are about that size. Well actually, one has been reknotted to a 20 mm.
It worked well in its first outing. It's definitely light for its size. Should I ever reknot it, I'll add some weight to the handle. If the handle is hollow, I'll usually drop one or two 9mm bullets in with some epoxy. If it's not hollow, I'll deepen the hole a little and add a couple of coins.
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