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Ever Ready 200t AND Ever Ready 100 restoration guide video.

Greetings ladies and gents. Just wanted to post a video of my 2 ever ready brushes I am restoring for my own personal collection. Just part 1 for now. Cleaning, Cutting and some advice next video coming

Enjoy and please any questions or comments?
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Nice, I have never thought of wetting the knot before removing but it shure makes a cleaner process and I imagine it weakens the hair somewhat.
I saw Dr. Dulcamara wet his knots before cutting them and I only did that with my last restoration. HUGE difference in the ease of cutting. Don't know why I didn't do that sooner as I wet my whiskers prior to cutting them!
Thank for all the comments! Here is part 2!!! By the way on the hollow one. I did not expand the hole I did not even touch the top ridge edge I was only grinding old rubber/glue. That one ended up at 20.24mm and I will be putting a 22mm silvertip inside. and the 200t ater its spacer was removed it was EXACTLY 22mm how lucky! Also the flex shaft grinder is a süda pforzheim

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