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Ever had a razor shave so good...

Sounds to me like you are having buyers remorse. Sell the Variant and buy a Progress or see if someone would trade razors. I've had the same situation happen to me.
Same happened to me. Sold the Variant and got me a shot handled Progress.
The Henson is a perfectly executred design delivering a good shave. I just don't like it. Too light for me, no blade feel. But it works perfectly, actually...

The Wunderbar is giving me a perfect shave, but has barely any audible feedback. This drives me crazy!
My Rockwell 6S was very heavy when I started using it. After a couple months I'm use to it. At first I was using to much pressure. Now when I switch to my Fatip or Muhle, which isn't often, I use to little pressure. Still adapting I guess.
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