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FS European den clearance! Including Paladin & manchurian brushes, Slim Adjustable and Old Type razors

Den downsizing ahead of house move. Payment by Paypal G&S. Tracked shipping included within EU. On request for wider world - will split cost 50/50.

This is my first BST so you may need to bear with me a little....DM me or reply for any further clarifying questions.


2017 Paladin Cleo 26mm (Disco) 2 band silvertip badger. More fan than bulb shape. Original owner, used as part of big rotation. Amazing soft and luxurious brush, hasn't shed a hair. Euro 115

Evenmore, Allmoody and Cobbs 24mm Manchurian badger. Euro 90
Unusual brush (only available via UK brushmaker at The Olde English Shaving Shop in South Africa). Handle slightly smaller than average. Though handle says silvertip, the shop owner replaced with a manchurian knot when I returned original silvertip as seemed a bit thin. More backbone than Paladin brush above due to the higher lofted knot. (equivalent knot in different handle retails at Euro 175 - see Manchurian Badger Brush | The Old'e English Shaving Shop - https://www.englishshavingshop.com/item/manchurian_badger_brush)

Antica Barbiera Mondial boar - Euro 25.
Fully broken in but I discovered I do not like boars or the amount of extra soap they need. Would be nice addition to one of the two brushes above.


Gilette Slim Adjustable 1963 (I1). Fantastic condition, great blade alignment and mechanism works as new. Euro 60

Gilette Old type single ring (1918, H93481). Good condition, minor staining on the patina. Blade aligns fine and shaves exactly as it should. Also Euro 60

Will throw in similar cheaper bonus item(s) for free with each sale - e.g. Yaqi or Muele synthetic brush; Gilette tech razor or R41 "Beast" that are not worth listing individually but I want to clear!

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Nice sale! But just a small correction — the ‘double ring’ is actually a ‘single ring.’ GLWTS.
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