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Et tu Speick Stick?

Yeah. They first took care of the Solingen tradition, selling now rebranded products made in cough cough, other countries.
Now, there's a comment I have to agree with. My Merkur 34C has a zinc alloy cap, but the chrome plating is thick and easily will outlive me if I can avoid dropping it or banging it too hard against the sink or faucet. The threaded post is still brass. On the newer ones, the threaded post is zinc as well. As it nearly always is the threads that corrode and fail, I doubt I'd get even three years of daily use out of one. Yet they still cost around $40.
As for soaps turning vegan, for me it didn't seem to make a major difference for Haslinger. I'll find out soon enough for Tabac. And now Speik, I guess. And more to come, no doubt.
Geo-political consequences related to shaving. Of all the things I never thought I would be ever thinking about when I was a stupid college student in the late 20th century, this would be at the top of my non-existent non-predictable list.
I thought that the change in tallow amongst a few brands of soap is because they all got them made at a specific factory which closed down. Obviously, these brands had a lack of foresight and didn't have a backup plan ready and have now defaulted to tallowless production. On a side note, Speick cream (like most creams) is non-tallow and absolutely fantastic. Speick for the most part is a brand built on ecological sustainability and goodness and all that. Its a huge draw for their consumer base. I truly don't believe that the EU cares about vegan shaving soap, particularly in mass producing brands that have been around for over a century. This is a business ended issue not a legal regulation one.
I have not seen any vendor selling the vegan version and the Speick website still has the tallow version packaging and ingredients list.

Not looking to argue but the speick active shaving soap is a vegan soap its advertised on amazon as such but then its not the same as the original speick soap. I've never used the original so it could be the difference between chalk and cheese
Klar Seifen (made in Germany and tallow-free) is excellent.
OTOH, new C&S tallow soap is horrendous, so I hear.

C&S has already discontinued the new formulation. The full sized pucks of 88 etc aren't on the website anymore.
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