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Essential SR travel kit -- The strop

Rusty Blade

I recently started bringing a SR with me when I travel. In the past I left my straights at home and carried a DE or SE.

I thought it would be a bit of fun to begin a series on the contents and tips and tricks of the essential straight razor travel kit. This first discussion is about the strop. On my last trip I brought a board strop with me. I wrapped it in a towel to protect the surface. I decided to leave my nice hanging strop at home. I also thought I could just use a phone book or newspaper instead of carrying leather if I wanted to travel light.

When you travel with a SR what do you bring with you for a strop? Do you have any lessons you have learned about travel strops?
I have a travel sleeve I pack my Neil Miller latigo in when I'm on the road. I have had 3 razors take fliers from travel strops, so no more little strops for this traveling klutz. lol
The travel kit adventure is close to my heart as I work away more than I am home. When I travel for just a day or two I only pack my feather DX.
However when I work away for extended periods I have been using Larry's poor man strops for a few years. The only complaint I have with them is that I miss having a handle.
I got a New Strop for the house recently so in the new year I will be taking my SRD Long english Bridle with me for work.
The one thing I have learned is that when travelling with a regular strop, I keep a few Zip Ties in my bag to help find something to attach to. The L shaped door handles in our camp rooms work well with a zip tie loop.

Bob L.

I take a paddle strop when I travel. The razors travel in a foam padded, plastic, waterproof, cigar case.
Im on the roads 3 weeks a month...you will always find my Tony Miller strop and at least 2 razors, each in there own plastic tooth brush container, in my dope kit. I also have a One Blade just in case its "to early for a straight shave" morning.

Once im home ill cycle my razors for different road razors and my software...keeps it fun:001_005:


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I use a cased kangaroo leather travel strop. They pack away very small thanks to the very thin leather.
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Regular low-end Kanoyama strop in a strop case or plastic sleeve laid flat at the side of my checked luggage, stropping surface facing the bag side for protection. The advantage is that I use a Kanoyama and so don't have to use something unfamiliar. I carry a length of cord that will attach the strop to a shower rod, towel rack etc and also double as an expedient clothesline.

Cheers, Steve
I’m gone most every weekend. This is a one quart clear cube that doubles as my liquids bag for carry on. Two straights, a Trac II and usually my Feather SS, and travel sized everything else lives in there full time. I’ve worked out of it for two weeks. And my Tony Miller travel strop in the tin it came in.


And I’ve got a LL Bean hanging bag that I can work out of for months if I need to. I was still using the Tony Miller travel strop with it on my long trips before I stopped doing those.
I just roll my Tony Miller up, secure it with a couple twist ties and put it in a zip lock baggy.....been a perfect way to travel for the last 3 years and over a million miles a year. Its a testament to how well Tony makes his strops.