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Essano Shave Cream/Gel

Anyone ever use either the Essano cream or gel? My wife bought them both for me as a gift awhile back. They smell and feel nice but for both products the lather dissolves off your face before you can get half way shaving. It is super annoying especially when I'm trying to figure out a new razor. I used the gel today and tried in a bowl and in my hands and I was basically doing a wax on/wax off technique and I still missed a bunch of spots. Anyone use this stuff before and have the same issue?
Looks like they are from New Zealand. My wife picked them up at Winners which is a Canadian, TJ Maxx style discount store. I still have an unopened tube of the cream which might just get donated to a food bank, since they typically collect personal products too, and it would probably work ok with a cartridge razor where you could go faster.

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