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Espresso - how to get the absolutely BEST pull

I would propose that it is not necessary an improvement. It certainly works the way the vendor intends, but I can’t adjust it for my personal preference. Each bean I use has a setting that works better than others (still working in the concept of best, as I haven’t perfected it even after a year or two). It reminds me of Nepresso, which makes good, but not perfect espresso. My best espresso was not made by me but by a small cafe in Lynchburg Virginia. They could make espresso that was absolutely delicious.


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Not wild about these improvements. Fresh beans, great grinder that is dialed in, carefully packed portafilter, CAREFULLY calibrated and steady water temp and, through flushing, group head, deft hand on the lever. Ok, now I am ready for it to be morning.
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This guy has a Profitec, a Eureka, a Niche Zero and a Fellow Ode. He should know what his is taking about :c1:
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