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Eshave soap with Gem 1912

This morning, I had a wonderful shave with the Gem 1912. Just really smooth! I cracked open the eShave Mandarin soap I acquired during Amazon's Prime Day.

The soap comes in a nice 3.5 ounce puck in a bowl. It has a very nice, subtle, floral scent. I was expecting something more on the level of a citrus scent ala Col. Conk's Lime. But this is nice and comes off as being a bit more refined. It becomes even a bit more mellow after water hits it. You'd think the opposite would happen. Maybe I simply (and quickly) became used to it?

The shaving bowl is VERY nice. I'm not sure if this is nickel plated or chrome plated. Their website shows three bowl versions: Nickel plated, Gun Metal plated, and Gold plated. I'm assuming the bowl that I have is nickel plated, but who knows?. It does not have a lid. But I'm thinking a lid is not needed. Perhaps it's best to allow the soap to dry openly rather than cover.

This stuff builds lather instantly! Wow! I soaked my Viings Blade Synthetic brush and hit the puck with a bit of hot water. After showering, I was ready to go.

I grabbed the bowl, dumped the excess water off the puck, shook out the brush, and loaded up.

After just a few swirls I had more than enough on the brush. The lather started to build almost immediately. I commenced a face lather and the soap promptly turned into a cream as I swirled the brush on my face. These synthetic brushes tend to retain a bit more water, so perhaps this helped.:)

I've never used a soap that built a lather so rapidly! It was rich, thick, and had plenty of cushion. The blade just glided across the face.

The final result was a very smooth shave. My skin felt nourished.:)

eShave claims their soap, made in Provence, France, is triple milled and has plenty of moisturizes, etc. Their big claim is, "Our shaving soaps lathers like a cream." After one use I can honestly say this is absolutely true!:) An outstanding performer!

A fine shave. The floral scent may be an acquired taste, but again, it's not overwhelming. But the lather it makes is substantial and creamy.
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