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Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

Yes, they're Thuris. The Star label is pretty rare. I vaguely remember someone telling me they were marketed in Greece/Turkey? Under that label.
Thanks. I'm glade I grabbed it then, i have been wanting to try one for years and being in Australia haven't seen one around. I just happened to come across a stone for auction and thought I would search completed auctions and bingo. Contacted the seller who re-listed it for me.
Here go mine. Fairly rare in France, Ive only found 5 thuris over the years.


Dont use them much. Great stones, but they don't seem to find a place in my progressions. True I haven't spend months on end honing and shaving exclusively on them, so they may still hold surprises.

A 6" ligth green, not hard. Very very nice stone, love the texture honing on this one and is prety fast. I tend to favour big stones, so it is mostly used as a slurry stone for the other thuris or my Fnat.

I always liked the looks of those octogonal stones, and I was lucky enough to finally find one for almost nothing. A tad over 8", and 2 3/4. Very very hard, not as easy as the other two. Great solid edges, nice to hone on this stone, great feed back.


A 9" Escher. Another super lucky purchase. The seller even asked me why he got such a mountain of mail over a simple old stone. Didn't had the heart to explain him, nice guy. Should I feel guilty I was first? Tell him it was worth x100 what he asked? Sometimes I do genuinely feel bad...


Not hard not soft, fast, and easy to use. Nice shaves but I like sharper. As the above they may be able to go there if I spend the time...
Tim, is that esher as black as it looks?
Nice find, they seem much more abundant on your side!
I've only seen a few in years of looking in Europe. They seem far more common in the USA than even Germany and Germany has other other slate producing areas. I have found a couple of wopper dark Thuris in Germany, but never a green, grey or yellow.

Britain seems to have a long long practice of using slate for sharpening, so not as much demand here, even though the average Thuri is almost certainly superior to the best UK slates.
Britain has so much stone... I drool over they Ebay listings, pages and pages. In France you are lucky to have 5 or 6 proper stones at any given time (a cheap thuri rigth now). Spain is even worse, great razors, barely any vintage hone.
Is kid of a mystery to me. So much razors, so much wood working tools, and barely any hone to be found. Humans don't change that much, if we we are very few straight razors users and need stones to shave, they were millions and needed stones to shave: Where are all those stones?
Those are the other two (left). Old picture since I no longer have those.


I've seen a few of this small stones over the years. People call them coticules, lately PSDO. But once you use them and look under magnification, there are identical to thuris.

They do seem older and less modern than eschers and others. I like to imagine old time traders in horse pulled carts, travelling through the deep forests preceding our mecanised era, with a few of those precious german stones packed in straw...

I've never seen a more modern ligth green with yellow streaks, but they do appear very occasionally in this format arround here.
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