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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Space_Cadet, May 8, 2019.

    What do you think about Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 for a man?
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    Are you asking about the pure ambroxan one that is Molecule 02 or the ambroxan centered but containing other ingredients Escentric 02?

    I have not tried the latter. I have the ebay knock off of Molecule 02, which should be very close if not identical to the original, being just ambroxan and a carrier, I assume perfumer's alcohol and water. I am usually not into layering scents. But to me Molecule 02 kind of calls out for it. The ambroxan sort of beefing up the base of other scents. But certainly in no way objectionable on its own. Light. Transparent. Perfect office scent, I suppose. Certainly nothing unmanly about it. A skin scent to the extent that term makes sense. To me it usually does not, but here, perhaps it does.

    Escentric 02 seems to get mixed reviews that I cannot reconcile. Some say bright and fresh with a mineral finish. Others say old-manish and hospitally. Others say pretty much cedar, musk, and warm skin. Contains hedione, which is a jasmine, which I would generally really like. Again I have never smelled it. I would like to. I do not see anything that would be unmanly about it.

    For what it is worth Molecule 03, essentially a vetiver, seems to get some bad reviews. But, in knock off version, is one of my favorite scents, and I really like and know vetivers.

    My hat is off to Escentric, at least for the Molecule 01 to 04 series. Seems like a brilliant idea to me.

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