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Ern Wald-Solingen straight looking to be honed by a pro...suggestions

Thanks for Phil (luvmysuper), I have an Ern Wald-Solingen straight round point 4/8 or 5/8 in the mail. Since I am brand new to straight razors, he suggested I get this one professionally honed. He said I could probably get some recommendations from you straight razor experts. I'm in Greenville, SC...not sure if anyone knows anyone local here, but if not I'm fine with mailing it out.
What else do you recommend for newbies? I'm not sure if I should buy all the gear, or just try the razor first to see if I like it. Suggestions please! Thank you.
Bummer...I believe I posted this in the wrong area...mod can move this to honing, I'd appreciate.


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We have several Vendors and Hobbyists right here at B&B who do fine work, and you'll be supporting vendors and hobbyists who support B&B rather than just advertise here by word of mouth.

Just sayin'
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