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Entertaining the Idea

Hi all,

I've been entertaining the idea of using colognes but have so far stayed at a distant because of $$ (I'm a college student, c'mon). However, my question is: What do those who wear cologne wear for deoderant? I wear a deoderant that many people think is cologne it's so strong. I obviously wouldn't want to wear that if I wanted to wear cologne.
Hey Other Kyle,
What IS your deodorant? Some people might like it (although some may not).

I wear Arrid, they recently changed from their extra dry to another kind, it mentioned "silky" on the label so I think they were marketing to women Then they switched back to extra dry name. I think they had too many complaints, but to me, they were both the same.

And I always get unscented.
Currently I use Old Spice, it's all that could keep me smelling decent through high school with gym class. Havn't found a need to change till recently.
I always use an unscented deodorant. If you want to get into colognes, visit basenotes.com. A couple of great places to buy are at TJ Maxx and Ross Dress For Less. You generally won't find the colognes that are usually mentioned here (like T&H, Pehhaligons, etc), but you can find some great buys. And since you are a college student, you are probably looking for some colognes that are a bit more contemporary. Check out the B&B Decant club. Some great buys there, and it's stuff that "everyone" won't be wearing.

Start off by requesting samples from the various companies. The samples should keep you in business for atleast a few weeks giving you a chance to find your favorites.
Might it be possible for some of our more experienced members to contribute their suggestions to compile a master list of what colognes they enjoy as well as an email address where others might request a sample?
You might want to check the "Reviews" section of our board. There is a ton of great info there on all kinds of products, including cologne.

Also, the B&B decant club is a fantastic place to acquire many different scents and in a volume large enough that you can really make a good evaluation of the product and how it performs on you.

BTW, I'm not trying to poo-poo your idea. I just wanted to make you aware of the services that we do already have in place.
Some places will give you free samples, others won't. I can offer you some choices at nominal cost if you are interested - just PM me.

Ditto on the decant club. You can try some really high-end scents without a huge investment. You can also haunt the trading forums and pick stuff up. If you don't care for it, trade it to someone else!
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