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I'd like to know if the contraptions put on the tops of shaving cream heat the lather to a suitable level and is there a canned cream that works anywhere near as well as a real shaving cream?

If anyone has ever used it comment on it. Supposedly it gives a warming sensation to the face and dramatically softens the hairs. Any comments? It is available at Nordstroms
A review of some cheaper brushes made by the quality manufactures. esp, the plisson pure badger brushes!!

+1 on the brushes!

There is only 1 review on Kent brushes for example (BK12)... Are they that uncommon or disliked or has nobody taken the time to post a review? The BK4 appears to get good comments but it would be nice to see an actual review...

EDIT: Found something on the BK4 hidden here.
So, how about those shave creams Whish makes? I know they're marketing it as shaving cream for women, but perhaps one of you gents has tried it as a face shaving cream as well. I'm curious what they're like.

I also demand that everyone who's been ordering Oscar's Schwarzweisskeramik scuttles lately post reviews. Citizens demand reviews!
I would appreciate a review of The Gentlemens Refinery ASBespecially if compared to Castle Forbes ASB
Also it wouldn't hurt to review The Gentlemens Refinery Black Ice.

An interesting one would be Rooney Style 3 Small Super since it is recommended so much to newbies.

THANK YOU!!! :thumbup:
I think we need to make some charts comparing brushes. I'd like to see the brushwars return. It would also make it much easier to find a new brush in the style that you're seeking if you had another in which you could compare it.

I don't see any reviews for this here. Ititial "scent card" testing at shops is good, but wondering what it's like long term!!

Anyone own it?
I'd like to see a review of the mysterious Gillette 195 and another of the President.

Is there a review for using butter, canola oil, or olive oil to shave with? :wink: Imagine how many shaves you'd get out of a one-liter bottle of olive or canola oil- with DE blades it'd be about as cheap as shaving could possibly be! :001_tt1:

For the record, I'm only half-kidding here. If it works for Kramer (Seinfeld fans, feel free to correct me on this), why shouldn't someone review it?
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